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NEWS/George Zgheib

On March 14, 2000 in his hometown, Jounieh Zouk Mosbeh, a star was born in Zougheib's family, Georges Zougheib, Georges was raised in a musical family. Since 3 years of age, little Georges, preferred listening to music rather than enjoying a nice cartoon show like any regular child, listening to the music made him tap with his little hands on any object he used to reach so that he could enjoy listening the rhythm, during this period his father registered his voice on a tape when he was only 4 years old singing for pop stars at that time.

By time Georgess talent was growing day by day, and his parents decided to buy him his first musical instrument which was a “Keyboard.” He enjoyed playing and composing tunes without any help. This lead Georges parents to decide enroll him in a musical conservatory, where he was tutored by Maestro Jack Haddad. In no time Georges was able to play piano and keyboard while ranking number one in the yearly conservatory’s events and competitions. His tutor suggested him to join the coral where they used to perform recitals, and only after 3 years of hard work, Georges talent became a never ending passion.

He took his first step in competition in the real world when he was only 10 years old. He participated over the phone in one of Ghassan Rahbany’s radio shows. Due to his young age he was not able to hit the finals, even though he ranked number one. As Ghasssan Rahbany announced that day, that this is a miracle kid, over talented and he might be the successor of Abdel Halim (a famous artist).

At his 10th birthday, Georges asked from his father to buy him “Oud” one of the most beautiful Arabic instruments, his father used to smile each time he saw little Georges held his “Oud”. As he recalls, the instrument was way bigger than his size but yet he managed to learn how to play on “Oud”, tutored from his master Micheil Abboud.

At 11, he participated at “Kids Star” TV program in oriental singing, and he ranked number one. He kept attending the oriental singing courses till age 12, and joined his master on Sundays in a well-known restaurant where his master used to perform, George’s father accepted the idea under one and only condition, that this participation would not be a commercial one.

by Jamil Richane

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