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NEWS/Fulla Remixes George Wassouf Song

A very talented artist, the Algerian singer Fulla always surprise us with new ideas, full of creativity in her own style. We can simply say that no one is like Fulla!

Fulla is well known for her loyalty to her friends, especially those involved in her career like the Syrian singer Assala, who helped her enter into Egypt. She has just released a remixed song "El Hawa Sultan" honoring George Wassouf with one of his biggest hits and recording it especially for him. It is always great to witness collaboration between two artists, who put aside competition and record sales.

As known between Arab celebrities, a very good friendship joins Fulla and Wassouf. In an interview on TV, the Syrian singer George Wassouf was very complimentary about Algerian singer Fulla, describing her as “one of the best artists in the Arab world.” In return, Fulla wanted to express her gratitude to the Syrian legend by singing one of his famous hits as a remix. This song comes as an honoring gesture from Fulla to Sultan Al Tarab, especially since he was so famous for this song. The original song was composed by George Yazbek and written by Badi' Yazbek.

Fulla said: “The remix is my special way of repaying George for the kind words he said on my behalf during an interview with Lebanese journalist Nishan. George had said that he considers me as one of the big artists of the Arab world, and I wanted to express my gratitude by honoring him with this song.”

The two stars met up in Beirut, where they headed to Tony Saba recording studios. George watched Fulla recording her version of “El Hawa Sultan ” as he was very pleased with her performance. He does believe in her gifted voice and talent. Fulla revealed that she intends on filming a music video for the remix. Surely it will be based on a very creative idea! In her 1-month visit to Beirut, the Algerian singer Fulla re-recorded Georges Wassouf’s song while she was also preparing for her next album. In the coming days, Fulla will be launching her new single song “Aya W Hady” written and composed by Mounir Al Jazaeiri.

The talent of Fulla and her special style in performing Western and Eastern music go back to the fact that she was raised in a family of artists. She was born in Paris, France and had started singing when she was six years old. Later, Fulla was living with her husband in the United Kingdom, she was then singing on British radios. Her real start in the Arab World was when she went back to Algeria and released her first album " Badr 14" in 2004, which made her very famous. Her second album, "Ahl al Maghna” was finally released in 2005 and by that time this Algerian star earned her fame. "Lama ra'eto" is her latest album and contains seven songs.

We are excited and waiting for the music video of the remixed "El Hawa Sultan" and listening to more of the original songs of Fulla.

by Jamil Richane

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