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NEWS/First Time Rolling Stones Concert In Abu Dhabi

Many concerts and festivals are held in the United Arabian Emirates, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These places refuse to stay calm! Each day they compete to win the challenge of bringing the best performances in the whole World. They continue to host concerts for their loyal locals and tourists who came from many countries to enjoy the peaceful and joyful atmosphere.

Two days ago, Abu Dhabi had the chance to host the legendary Rolling Stones rocking on stage for the first time in fifty years. It was a treasured moment for Abu Dhabi as a center of entertainment and culture in the Middle East. These guys who just refuse to get old gracefully still perform with their full energy for the audience who followed them and cheered for their song for fifty years. What a glorious history for the Rolling Stones!

The lead sixty-nine-year-old guitarist Keith Richards said that he is so happy to be there tonight, and that actually he is just happy to be anywhere! The piece of art performed by the front man Mick Jagger, left the audience straining to keep up with his movements around the stage. You thought you had him in your sight and then suddenly he was gone.

In the middle of a bouquet of their classic hits, with some are now 50 years old, this group made a very courageous step by releasing new songs like "Gloom and Doom" that fulfilled the audience with a magical sense of the Golden Age of music. The music is just outrageously good. Then again, all the outstanding musicians performing with them do raise the bar.

With the comeback of Mick Taylor who left the band in 1976 and the obvious the unique and rare synergy between the brilliant talented Keith Richards and the new base guitarist Ronnie Wood, the band was still given an edge. Mick returned to reinforce the sound and did a great job there.

" Give Me Shelter " was the song of the night as local fans voted but Paint it back and Symphony For The Devil reminded the audience of those times when Rolling Stones voices resonated all over the World as a typical protest band, the youthful anger and a desire for change.

But these days they are remarkable mainly for their refusal to stop performing because of age and their ability to reach a very wide audience with the classic rock and roll. Remarkably for such a global group, the Rolling Stones had never visited the Middle East before. We hope that it will not be the last!

by Jamil Richane


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