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NEWS/Film “Stable Unstable” - Amusing and Dark

Directed and written by Mahmoud Hojeij, the Lebanese film “Stable Unstable” explores the anxieties of seven individuals connected only by their psychiatrist, Ghassan, played by actor Camille Salameh.

In an apartment building in Beirut, seven characters decide on the last day of the year to visit a psychiatrist searching for inner peace. Only on their psychiatrist’s couch, the seven individuals open up, share their insecurities, and get to be themselves without wearing masks. The psychiatrist’s face is only revealed towards the end of the film. Throughout most of the film’s scenes, he is shown from behind facing the patient listening to their problems.

The patients’ problems are poles apart. One woman’s question is why she cannot love two people at the same time; a couple who hardly talk to each other; and a mother who has problems with her son. The film also touches lightly on the country’s instability and how it is influencing the lives of the film’s characters.

"This well scripted near chamber piece (90% of “Stable Unstable” is shot inside an elevator or Ghassan’s office) shifts between amusing and extremely dark, making its point about petty woes extremely well,  The movie Scope reported.

The film reaches its climax on the New Year’s itself when Ghassan also gets to deal with his own family drama. Ghassan and his pretty wife Manal, played by actress Manal Khader, are getting ready to attend a new year’s eve party. Manal hates having to portray the image of the chic and polite wife to his friends. When Ghassan makes a comment at the party to his friends about Manal always checking up on her make-up; she starts an argument that she should ‘be herself’ and decides to let down her hair and talk with other men, which leaves Ghassan frustrated.

“Stable Unstable” is still displayed in movie theatres in Lebanon. Watch the trailer now!

by Dina Shehata

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