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NEWS/Emme Sayah, A Surprising Acting Star

We were shocked when we watched the first episode of the long-waited series "Wa Achrakat Al Shams" (and the sun rised), written by the outstanding writer Mona Tayeh. It was the lovely strong girl "Jelnar" role played by Emme Sayah. Among many prominent actors in the series like Joseph Bou Nassar, Roula Hmedeh, Nahla Daoud and Youssef El Khal, Emme Sayah, the young and beautiful, shined like a star, with her brilliant talent in acting and professionalism. The audience who watched the episodes was wondering what was the secret of this rising star.

In fact, Emme stated in an interview that she worked and prepared very hard for this work, and received assistance from her family and from her work team, especially from the professional actors who helped her and gave her advice to improve her performance.

She studied communications and media arts, as well as private lessons in theater and graduate studies in media. She was a hardworking student and this is what made her succeed in her life and in acting. She first worked in written press, but she shifted to the MTV channel to start presenting a direct program, where she showed a cultivated personality and charm.

Emme Sayah always dreamed of becoming an actress, and her dream came true when the writer of "Wa Achrakat Al Shams", Mona Tayeh called her to come for a casting and the journey started alongside with her success. They met with the director Charles Chelela for preparing and reading the script, Emme was fascinated by the character of "Jelnar," the strong, revolting and charming girl who "Cheikh Talal", played by Youssef El Khal, will fall in love with her in the coming episodes.

This work was highly rated and made a high success in the Arab World, people were waiting every episode, which is a great chance for Aimee as a start in acting. It has been said that three production companies were working on producing the larger-than-life show that relives the events of the Ottoman occupation in Lebanon. And that this is one of the most expensive TV productions to be aired. According to the writer Mona Tayeh, Emme's beauty and talent have not been overly exposed, and having trained her for the leading role of "Jelnar" which she was capable of perfectly mastering.

Becoming the talk of the town in one night is not easy, especially in Lebanon, this success made by Emme will lead her to start a new life of fame, she is now very concerned about choosing the next work of acting because this step will be very delicate after her current success.

Emme Sayah considers herself very lucky to have participated in the new hit series. In an interview, Sayah said that she fell in love with the part right after reading the script since she felt Jelnar’s personality was a cocktail of passion, revolution but also weakness. She also stated that she worked hard to play her part the best she could. About her starring next to Youssef el Khal, Emme stated that she was thrilled since El Khal is an experienced actor and that alone made her feel the greatness of the responsibility. The young actress also stated that she is excited to dive deeper into the world of acting and that she is particularly drawn to both Leonardo Di Caprio and Ben Affleck’s performances.

Emme Sayah is under the spotlight now, we wish her the best of luck in her up-coming work!

by Jamil Richane


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