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NEWS/Elie Saab’s Soft Splendors for 2014

Elie Saab is a name that comes to mind when one thinks of a true success story that is portrayed by soft, noble dresses elegantly drifting down the most glamorous runways. Saab began his career at the young age of nine. He used his own sister as his model and created dresses for her. At eighteen, Saab launched his own fashion label and began making wedding dresses and gowns that soon reached Beirut’s high-class women. Saab has grown significantly from his early days; his intricate designs can now be seen on widely known celebrities such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift. He is the first Lebanese designer to dress an Oscar winner, Halle Berry, in 2002. One can only imagine his face as Berry gracefully ascended the stairs to accept her Academy Award with Saab’s royal red gown dragging effortlessly behind her.

In more recent news, Saab has directed his talents towards creating an elegant Evian water bottle. Drinking water certainly becomes more stylish with this latest creation of his. The bottle appears to be very delicate, and intricate designs that resemble those one might find on his dresses are carefully wrapped around the tall, stylish bottle. Whoever said that Saab’s talent was restricted to dresses?

Speaking of which, Saab recently released the Poincare collection of handbags and purses. The bags are dark, geometrical, metallic and bold; any bag in the collection would be a sexy addition to a woman’s outfit. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, the collection will be out in mid-July along with the rest of Saab’s Fall-Winter 2014 line.

To bring the conversation back to the more relevant Spring-Summer 2014 line, one can tell that Elie Saab will never fail to come up with beautiful pieces that stand out as his own. Florals were certainly involved in the designs, as one might assume would come with the season, but there is not one piece of clothing in his Spring-Summer collection that does not stand out as uniquely exquisite. The colors this collection presents are soft and soothing shades of the colors we so often see in these seasons. The tall grass, the inviting beach water and the blossoming flowers can all be seen in his dream-like manifestation of clothes that appear to do nothing but flow effortlessly with each model’s swift movements.

by Jamil Richane 

NEWS/Related Images


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