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NEWS/Egyptian Story "The Square" Arrives on Netflix

Egyptian documentary on Egypt’s January 25th revolution arrived on Netflix on Friday. Directed by Egyptian-American director Jehane Noujaim, the film received an Oscar nomination for documentary feature this year.

The film captures the Egyptian 2011 revolution through shadowing a number of activists throughout the time span of the revolution; including Ahmed Hassan, the main character of the film who says the film’s narrative; Khalid Abdalla, an Egyptian/British actor who starred “The Kite Runner” and came to Egypt to join the January 25th revolution; Magdy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood; and female activist Aida El Kashef.

In a media briefing with “the Daily News Egypt,” Noujaim said: “I make character-driven stories. I follow two to three characters because if you are following a story, you do not need to be aware of all the facts on the ground.” She explained, “This is ideal for an audience who is not familiar with Egyptian politics and can instead relate to the more human side of the narrative.”

Netflix acquired the film after the filmmakers had already started financing its theatrical runs to be eligible for this year’s Academy Awards. It was screened in New York and California theaters. So far, the film won several awards: the Toronto International Film Festival Documentary People's Choice Award this year, and an earlier version of it won the Audience Award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

“Our dream for ‘The Square’ is to inspire the hearts of as many people as possible and by working with Netflix, we can insure the film reaches a wide and diverse audience,” Noujaim said in a statement, The Wrap reported. “Nothing about the making of this film has followed the norms and that’s what makes it exciting. It is crucial for us as filmmakers, who have shot a documentary about people risking and losing their lives for their beliefs, to create a spirit of possibility.” 

by Dina Shehad


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