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NEWS/Dominique Hourani: Among Middle East's Most Influential Women

She is Dominique Hourani, the Lebanese beauty and artist, who always comes to us with suprises, special performances, new songs and now being among Middle East's most influential women according to the author Maximilien De Lafayette's latest book "The greatest, The most important and the most powerful women of the Middle East and the Arab World"


In the book, De Lafeyette described Dominique as “someone who possesses stunning beauty” and “elegance that's out of this world.” He also considered her as one of the smartest women in the ME. The author said that despite the fancy lifestyle Dominique leads, she's a very simple and down-to-earth woman. She was ranked the 10th among 20 Arabian celebrities and came second among the most elegant women in the Middle East and Arab World.


And more, the Lebanese beauty Dominique Hourani is back with a new single and it sounds like  your all-time favorite song when you want to be silly and make no senses. It's a good song with some seriousness that feels both old and energized. Dominique Hourani this time comes back with a better song that has some value and not just random lyrics and music that falls flat. This time her new song is catchy and may be the start of her legacy, it's the remix of an old song "Am bi zaelni Lello," which reminds us of the old days, a lovely song that we all remember.


Dominique Hourani was in a brief tour of Europe for business. She recently went to Milano to record new songs for her album in a studio, and prepared her a new music video in Bulgaria, where she met up with the international celebrity Paris Hilton.

by Jamil Richane

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