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NEWS/Assi El Helani’s Daughter on the Steps of Her Father

Maritta Assi El Helani is the name of a promising star in Lebanon and the Arab World. The sixteen-year-old girl seems interested in following the step of her father. The Lebanese superstar admitted that he would not mind if his eldest daughter chose a career in singing. Maritta’s first concert was in 2013 at a charity gala for Guide Lebanon with Moury Hatem, one of The Voice Arabia contestants.


But Lately, Maritta showed up for a duet with her beloved father, Assi El Helani, at Baalbeck International Festival. The audience was surprised when she stepped up on the stage and sang in Arabic the love song of Assi and Carole Sakr, “Ouli Jayi" Say You’re Coming).


Mariatta wants to be a professional singer. To be fair, she is talented, she has a good voice and she can sing well in both Arabic and English. Her live performance with her father is pretty cool,

I think this is one of Assi's sweetest songs, he does this style so well, but he does not do it so often--he prefers to shout in that Lebanese fashion.


And on the other side, Assi El Helani revealed that he will push her daughter toward international stardom, so he is preparing for a work between Maritta and the international star Ricky Martin. He confirmed that the contract has been drawn-up and signed. This project will be a huge step for her to be an international songstress.

As long as her farther is standing by her, we will witness the rise of a star. We wish Maritta a prosperous start and all the luck for her duet with Ricky Martin!

by Jamil Richane

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