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NEWS/Another Enchanting Night With International Pianist Karim Said At Strings & Pianos Festival in Amman

It was again and again a night of magic and culture with the third and final concert of Strings & Pianos Festival, which is a part of the Amman Spring Series, where international Jordanian pianist Karim Said held a classical musical evening accompanied by a number of the region's finest musicians. The audience welcomed their beloved artist with warmth and listened carefully to his introductory words that seemed more like a music lecture; this audience who’s thirsty for such music in Jordan did prepare their soul for this night.

For each piece that he played, the Jordanian artist Karim Said described its details and the story behind it using his piano that helped him every time. It’s surely unusual for a live concert, but intriguing nonetheless, especially for a cultured audience that came across the country and region for only being at Said’s performance.

Karim Said had personally organized the Strings & Pianos Festival; he is one of his kind in personality and his quirky sense of humor that had been obvious in his speeches. He is very talented and has truly astonishing piano skills, which made his so famous for sure.

On the beginning of the show, the pianist Yasmin Alami, also a Jordanian artist kicked off the show with a rendition of S.Rachmaninov's "Vocalise Op. 34, No. 14" and with Fadi Hattar on cello. It was admitted that Fadi Hattar mastered his part on Cello and made it a quite good start. But of course, people waited Karim Said to burst the stage with the two pieces of Chopin, ranging from slow melodies to a chain of dramatic notes played in a fabulous speed.

The theatre was filled in awe of his performance. The way he was able to memorize hundreds of notes to play Chopin's two dramatic compositions "Polonaise No. 1 in C# minor "and "Scherzo no. 1 in B minor op 20" in an almost perfect way was just incredible.

With the final recitals by Alami, Hattar, Jumanah Hassan and Nabih Bulos on the violin and Vardan Petrosyan on the viola, they were truly amazing moments. Things were certainly picking up to find the harmony between the instruments and coordination between the musicians while playing Dvorak's pieces made for a heavenly listening. 

According to Karim Said’s statement, “some changes must take place if the festival is to become an annual event", but all in all, it was a superb and unforgettable concert.

by Jamil Richane

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