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NEWS/Amr Waked International Acting Career is Booming

Egyptian actor Amr Waked announced on social media that he finished filming his latest film “Lucy,” the sci-fi thriller directed by the famous Luc Besson, in which Waked joins prominent starts: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman and South Korean actor Choi Min-sik. 

The story of the film is about a female drug mule, played by Johansson, who acquires supernatural powers after the drug she is carrying goes into her body.

The film production’s company EuropaCorp hailed the movie as the biggest-budget picture Besson has ever produced,” Variety reported.

Besson described “Lucy” as being a film “about pure intelligence.” “We’re basically using 10 percent of our brain. What happens when we use more?”

What is unique about Waked’s role, which is the fourth major in the film, is that he is not featuring an Arab character. Waked is playing a French policeman (of Middle Eastern origin) who chases Lucy. Waked described the film as something new and unexpected,” explaining that the “variety of artists from different countries make it a very global project,” Variety reported.

“Lucy” is not the first international film experience Waked takes part in. He had a distinguished role with Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor in the British film “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” directed by Lasse Hallström in 2011; the film was nominated for three Golden Globes. Waked also acted in Stephen Gaghan's “Syriana” (2005); the Home Box Office’s television mini-series House of Saddam (2008); and in Steven Soderbergh's “Contagion” (2011).

by Dina Shehad


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