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NEWS/Amr Diab Shows His Seven World Music Awards

The non-stoppable Egyptian artist, Amr Diab, is always under the spot, preparing new work and actively working on new songs and projects. He’s been knows as very successful singer and actor since the 70’s. Recently, he posed for some pictures in his office in Cairo, with his seven World Music Awards that he grabbed in the latest 16 years from 1998 to 2014.

First, 16 years ago, he got awarded for his album and song "Habibi Ya Nour Al Ain", followed by a second award in 2002 for the album "Aktar Wahed" and the song "Habibi wala Ala Balo". The third award was given to Amr Diab in Monaco as the second one in 2007 for the album "Wayah". Then, Amr got four more awards for the category 'Best Egyptian Singer', against Egyptian superstars Tamer Hosny and Mohammad Hamaki, 'Best Arab Singer' defeating Algerian singer Cheb Khaled and Hussein Al Jasmi, 'Highest Album Sales' for his album "Al Laylah" and a fourth award for 'Most Popular Singer on the Internet'.

On the other side, Amr Diab will be at Dubai Shopping Festival that took place from January 1st to February 1st. Celebration Nights includes Mohammad Abdo, Hussan Al-Jassmi, Amr Diab and Nancy Ajram.

Far from songs and festivals, Amr Diab will get back to acting in a TV series in Ramadan 2015 under the direction of the son of Adel Imam. He prepared also ten new songs to feature in his highly-anticipated drama "Al Shuhra" (Fame).Two of the songs were written by poet Khaled Taj al Din, three by the late poet Majdi al Najjar and five by poet Tamer Hussein. He also tried his own capacities by composing one of the songs himself, with the help of Islam Zaki and Khalil Mustafa.

by Jamil Richane

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