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NEWS/Ahmed Helmy Won’t Leave Arabs Got Talent Despite Cancer Diagnosis

One of the most successful programs in the Arab World, ‘Arabs Got Talent’, is taking place now on the channel MBC4 with four judges: The Lebanese songstress Najwa Karam, the Egyptian comedian Ahmad Helmy, The Egyptian director Ali Jaber and the Saudi comedian actor Nasser El Kasby. But recently, we feared to lose one of these judges, the actor Ahmad Helmy after he revealed to his fans the reason behind his sudden trip to USA with his pregnant wife the Egyptian actress also, Mona Zaki; It was a cancer diagnosis that obliged him get into an urgent medical treatment is US hospital.

Meanwhile, the other judge, Ali Jaber, who shares the ‘Arabs Got Talent’ judging bench with Ahmed Helmy, gave his colleague props for not abandoning ship on the talent show, despite his cancer diagnosis.

So, Ahmed Helmy thanked his partner for his encouragement and for standing by his side in such a critical situation, as reported to a local magazine, saying, "Ali Jaber, my good friend do not thank me for what is my duty to do. Some people get their strength from hope they get from nature, others from medications and vitamins, some people become strong from love and there are those that find strength from their feeling of success and people's appreciation of them."

He added, "I get my strength when I feel that I have placed a smile on people's faces and bring them happiness, this is how I have always been and this way I will remain. I see my paradise in making people happy with them I am alive and without them I am not."

Also, Ahmad Helmy thanked his pregnant wife for not leaving him alone during such a difficult period while she was pregnant and about to give birth to their second child “Salim”.

Now, Ahmad is back on his feet and playing his role as a judge in “Arabs Got Talent“ show alongside with his friends and colleagues Ali, Najwa and Nasser.

All the luck and good health for the most positive and supported Egyptian actor who always brings happiness and hope for his fans in the Arab World!

by Jamil Richane

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