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NEWS/Abdul Rahman Al-Zeer

An outstanding designer deserves appreciation for his excellence and creativity.

A young man in the spring of age who lives in Saudi Arabia, is characterized by creativity and passion for his mastery of work and his innovative designs, painted in every ceremony suitable for aesthetic panel figment of the imagination and to perpetuate in the minds of the audience.

From creative abilities, he founded a private company to organize special events and weddings, under the name “Biliar”, which soon excelled in organizing events and majestic high-end luxury. Abdul Rahman Al-Zeer is a name that embodied the dream into reality. This is according to the highest regulatory standards approved for the world of today, for processing and implementation of the highest events and ceremonies protocols.

He also takes the methodology and philosophy of design and has a different sense of schools diverse designs such as "Alotra Modern" and "The Post Modern." In order to come out with the final product his philosophy has a distinctive design, in a way where he is consistent with the lighting and the distribution of sounds and colors for the final output for the occasion.

Abdul Rahman Al-Zeer, a real genius, a real creator, managed through its European astonish the world with all what we achieved at the level of major
events. See more of his work on youtube.

by Jamil Richane 

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