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NEWS/ Egyptian Film "A Human Being" Wins Top Prize in Amsterdam

Egyptian film “A Human Being” won the top prize in this year Arab Mobile Film Festival in Amsterdam. Directed by Islam Bilal, “A Human Being” tackles the lives of people who have hearing and speech impairment and their attempts to overcome their disabilities.

Through the main female character of the film, Ayatollah Mohammed, the film puts a spot light on how people with disabilities take part in the social life. Bilal explained that the film challenges the idea of “disability “and hopes the people with hearing and speech impairment breaks the cycle of  isolation,  get integrated in the community and treated equally.


The festival committee stated that “A Human Being” was selected because of its focus on a humanitarian angle often overlooked while being presented in a simple yet effective way. "A Human Being” expresses what is humane and natural," Bilal said. "That is why it was able to cross borders and win an award outside of Egypt." Bilal hoped it would also extend beyond time and live forever in the memory of film lovers,” El Bawaba reported.


Bilal considers Mobile Cinema a new form in the modern film industry inspired by the capacity of modern technology that helps filmmakers overcome the problem of limited resources. The festival’s committee takes into consideration while evaluating films the filmmakers’ small budgets and lack of cinematic experience.

Winning worldwide recognition is not new to Bilal, his film “The Spark", which tackles Egypt’s problems that paved the way to the January 25th revolution, such as corruption, poverty and unemployment, won the first place prize in the Rotterdam Arab Film Festival in the Netherlands in 2011.


 by Dina Shehata


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