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EVENTS/ Raq-On Dance '17 Retreat w/ Leila Farid,Tamalyn Dallal, & Sahra Saeeda

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Address :
Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee
Description :
Raq-On Dance 2017 Belly Dance and Folkloric Retreat with International Dancers Leila Farid, Tamalyn Dallal, and Sahra Saeeda 18 workshops & presentations to choose from, Friday Night Dance Party, Saturday Night Performance, shopping, and more! Friday, August 4th-Sunday August 6th, 2017 •At the Beautiful Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT (activities for the whole family!) •Shuttle busses available Boston area & other locations based on demand Schedule: •Friday: ◦10:00 - Registration, Breakfast, Vendor shopping, relaxing, Lake Morey Activities ◦10:30-12:30 - Room 1: Earth & Sky w/ Tamalyn - Room 2: Ghawazee w/ Sahra ◦12:30-1:30 - Lunch/Break/Vendor shopping, relaxing, Lake Morey Activities ◦1:30-3:30 - Room 1: Leila Style Technique - Room 2: Fantasy & Fusion w/ Tamalyn ◦4:00-6:00 - Room 1: Lecture: How to do dance research w/ Sahra - Room 2: Egyptian Shaabi w/ Leila ◦9:00-11:00- Open Dance Hafla/Shaabi Party with DJ •Saturday: ◦10:00 - Registration, Breakfast, Vendor shopping, relaxing, Lake Morey Activities ◦10:30-12:30 - Room 1: Lecture: What it is like dancing in Cairo w/ Leila - Room 2: Nubian Dance w/ Sahra ◦12:30-1:30 - Lunch/Break/Vendor shopping, relaxing, Lake Morey Activities ◦1:30-3:30 - Room 1: Saidi Folklore w/ Sahra - Room 2: Travelling Arms & Hands w/ Tamalyn ◦4:00-6:00 - Room 1: Sparkle Map w/ Tamalyn - Room 2: Improvisation w/ Leila ◦7:00-9:00 - Performance with Instructors & Invited Guests Want to perform? Send us info here: •Sunday: ◦10:00 - Registration, Breakfast, Vendor shopping, relaxing, Lake Morey Activities ◦10:30-12:30 - Room 1: Persian Dance w/ Tamalyn - Room 2: Mergence w/ Leila ◦12:30-1:30 - Lunch/Break/Vendor shopping, relaxing, Lake Morey Activities ◦1:30-3:30 - Room 1: Modern Era Belly Dance w/ Sahra - Room 2: Mawaal and Tarab w/ Leila ◦4:00-6:00 - Room 1: Lecture: Travelling the World w/ Tamalyn - Room 2: Golden Era Belly Dance w/ Sahra Costs and how to register:: (Includes all workshops/presentations/shows, breakfast buffest Sat & Sun, Lunch buffet Fri, Sat, & Sun.) Entire weekend: $395 by 3/1/2017, $450 thereafter Payment plans will be available online starting in January ($67 per month for 12 months) To register: 1. Go to 2. Click the big blue button to sign up securely via mindbody 3. To pay in full the early bird price, go to the workshop tab and select events 4. To utilize the payment plan, go through same steps 1 and 2 above but once in mindbody, go to the online store tab. Underneath the menu bar, there is an option for contracts. Under the contracts, select the August 2017 event. This will set up an autobill of $67per month January-July 2017. Ala Carte workshops and show tickets available in 2017 pending space availability Lake Morey Rooms are $189 per night plus tax, $10 per additional person over 2 people per room. We recommend booking your room as far in advance in possible. Vendors wanted! Contact for more information. WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS Friday, August 4th 10:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M. OPTION 1: EARTH & SKY WITH TAMALYN “Earth and Sky” EARTH MOVEMENTS are those from the first three points: feet, “magic muscle,” and “long belly/short belly.” Using the “Earth” points makes your dance grounded. Rhythm and music are expressed with the earth movements. SKY MOVEMENTS are generated by pulling the energy from the earth through your center and reaching up. The heart, wrists and eyes are associated with the sky. From my personal experience, there is more of an earthy feeling in Africa. That includes Egypt, as Egypt is in Africa. There is more sky feeling in Asia. It is logical that the Middle East would include earth and sky as it lies between Asia and Africa, and has been the epicenter of many cultural and trade routes. OPTION 2: GHAWAZEE TECHNIQUE WITH SAHRA The Ghawazee dancers are some of the indigenous Egyptian professional dancers of Egypt. These traditional entertainers are becoming harder and harder to find as time passes. Sahra will teach you the movement and positioning of two of the different Ghawazee groups that are found in Egypt: the Banat Mazin of Luxor and the Sumbati Ghawazee of the Nile Delta. For the last 15 years, Sahra has been taking lessons with Khayriyya Mazin, bringing you the dance straight from its source. There will be a Banat Mazin vintage-style costume available for viewing, so you can see how the movements would be affected by the costuming. If you have a Ghawazee costume please bring it – Sahra would love to take a group photo and show it to Khayriyya when she returns to Egypt in June! Sagat (finger cymbals) are optional, but recommended. 1:30-3:30 P.M. OPTION 1: LEILA TECHNIQUE Every dancer should have her own way of moving, one that is particular to her own body and style. Leila has a unique style that blends classic raks sharki with modern Egyptian. She will break down her technique to include posture, weight change, and interpretation of the music, while encouraging each dancer to find her own personal stylization OPTION 2: FANTASY AND FUSION WITH TAMALYN Fantasy and Fusion with Tamalyn experiments with and clarifies what exactly fusion is, and when it is actually fantasy. In this workshop using Tamalyn’s technique, we will create dances based on both concepts! 4:00-6:00 P.M. OPTION 1: LECTURE: HOW TO DO DANCE RESEARCH WITH SAHRA Focus, focus, focus. It can be confusing to figure out where to start when conducting your own research, especially when you’re pursuing a subject that doesn’t have a lot of written information. As dancers in this field, we often have to get creative to find good sources about our dance, as the general public doesn’t often delve deep into many folkloric & historical sources around our dance. In this lecture, Sahra will break down the best places to start your research, how to collect information while doing field research, and how you can contribute to our body of knowledge! OPTION 2: EGYPTIAN SHAABI WITH LEILA Shaabi is tongue in cheek with lots of sass. Leila will look at Egyptian Shaabi music from the beginning of the genre to the present. She will provide background and cultural information and explore character and attitude for the dancer through experimentation. Saturday, August 5th 10:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M. OPTION 1: LECTURE: WHAT IT IS LIKE DANCE IN CAIRO WITH LEILA OPTION 2: NUBIAN DANCE TECHNIQUE WITH SAHRA Sahra has been going to Nubia yearly for nearly 20 years and studying the dance of the diverse populations that we know as Nubians. In this workshop she will teach the fundamental Nubian movements as well as steps for the stage and weddings. Students will need to bring a head veil long enough to reach the tips of the fingers when draped over the head and a neck scarf (not a hip wrap). 1:30-3:30 P.M. OPTION 1: SAIDI DANCE WITH SAHRA The Sa’id is the largest inhabited region in Egypt, extending along the banks of the Nile from south of Cairo to the Nubian region. Usually we represent Sa’idi dance by the “Assaya” or stick dance, but there are many dances in the region that do not use the assaya. This class we will focus on the technique, combinations, and steps for the Folkloric Stage & for Sa’idi moments in your Oriental “mergence” without our canes or assaya. OPTION 2: TRAVELLING ARMS & HANDS WITH TAMALYN Tamalyn’s hands are so incredibly fluid. In this workshop, she will teach her signature and most loved techniques and movements, creating beautiful arms and hands. She will also add steps, floor patterns, and air design to give you dynamic movements and travelling step options. 4:00-6:00 P.M. OPTION 1: “SPARKLE MAP” WITH TAMALYN Take a world map. Put glitter or stones on all of the (below) trade routes and empires. The map will have a wide area of sparkle, reaching across much of Asia, parts of Africa and Europe, and be a concentration of all colors and varieties of sparkle in the Middle East and Egypt. That tells much about the origins of our dance, movements and music. Empires Roman, Greek, Persian and Ottoman Empires, European Colonization, Trade Routes, The Silk Road, The Indian Ocean Maritime Spice Route, the Nile River, Bagdad to Andalusia via North Africa. OPTION 2: IMPROVISATION WITH LEILA Know your music first from your head and then from your heart and then let the movement flow out though you. Leila will offer insights into how to improvise on stage while keeping your audience engaged and still feeding your soul. Sunday, August 6th 10:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M. OPTION 1: PERSIAN DANCE WITH TAMALYN Persian Dance is an introduction to steps and combos that go with Persian 6/8 music, plus interpretive (dancing to translated poetic songs), and the Persian Gulf, Arab-African and Indian influenced folk dance, Bandari. We will also touch upon Sufi traditions and how deeply infused Sufism is into the Persian arts. OPTION 2: MERGENCE WITH LEILA Here she comes.... Mergence is the opening number for a dancer's show in Egypt. It has to be eye catching, technically sound, and reflect the dancer's own style and character. Using a choreography and improvisation, Leila will deconstruct the modern mergence to help the dancer understand what is happening in the music and find her own vision for how she would like to introduce herself to the audience. 1:30-3:30 P.M. OPTION 1: MODERN EGYPTIAN WITH SAHRA In the Modern Egyptian Era often the stages would be large and dancers could fill them with new traveling steps, exciting audiences and extending the character you wish to convey. As well as the shared Modern Egyptian style, the different dance stars each had their own signature traveling steps, of which we will learn many, increasing your vocabulary of movement. Fun, informational, energetic! OPTION 2: MAWAAL AND TARAB WITH LEILA Why does Om Kalthoum send shivers up your spine? Why was Abdel Halim Hafaz worshiped like a rock star? A dancer should know how to interpret with her movements that certain something that makes the great classic songs....great. Leila will break down the structure of classical music while providing cultural insights and appreciation necessary for the dancer. 4:00-6:00 P.M. OPTION 1: LECTURE: TRAVELLING THE WORLD WITH TAMALYN This lecture is based on how Tamalyn’s travels for writing the book
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Friday, August 04, 2017
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